Boarding & Training 

boarding & training 

  • Have your dog trained while he is on holiday with us!
  • Is your dog out of control?
  • Are you tired of your dog ignoring you?
  • Are you time Poor?
  • K9-Boot Camp ​ is just the solution.
  • Have your dog trained by a professional

6 Reasons to send your Dog to K9-Boot Camp


  1. Qualified experienced trainer: Certified to a minimum of Certificate III by the National Dog Trainer’s Federation in canine behaviour and training. 
  2. We train to ensure your dog is biologically fulfilled 
  3. Ongoing assistance and support: Once you get home with your newly trained dog you might run into a few problems or may want to keep on teaching your dog new skills. We are here to help you.
  4. Safe and loving environment: All of our dedicated staff are in fact dog lovers so you can be assured that your precious dog will be in the best hands.
  5. We get results! After over a decade of training dogs professionally, Daniel has devised a completely unique training system.
  6. For every week your dog stays with us, you get a free lesson, this will ensure that both you and dog are on the same page.  

Customised DogTraining in Toowoomba

We understand that training your dog can be hard, frustrating and just plain old time consuming, simply put we can help! I know busy pet parents can’t always find the time, especially for puppies and adolescent dogs for the foundation obedience.

We have the perfect solution:Boarding and Training at The Paw MVMNT offers the perfect environment for dogs​ ​ to get a customised training program for either fitness/ weight loss , socialization or obedience we provide mental engagement they need while your dog stays in the comfort of our home, a home away from home.

Fitness- Socialization- Obedience

Training Programs:

Bronze Package $59​5

Our 7-day program is designed for clients who want some basic obedience, are finding their dog is just too much, or are simply looking for some general maintenance on their dog(s) existing obedience.

Silver Package $1190

Our 14-day program is designed for clients who are looking for more than just basic obedience.

Gold Package $1,785

Our 21-day program is designed for clients who are looking for more formal obedience and may have more severe behavioural issues with their beloved dog.

All dogs must have current C5 vaccination a minimum of 10 days prior to boarding. There are no exceptions to this rule. This will guarantee the health of your dog while it is staying with us.
In Case Of Emergencies, We Have A 24 Hour Vet On Call

To discuss your training requirement, please contact us for a complimentary 45 minutes Discovery Call ​to ensure we are the right fit.