Dogs have played a HUGE part of in my life for as long as I can remember, but 11 years ago I made the decision to become a dog trainer and it all really started from that moment, I completed the NDTF ( National Dog Trainers Course) Course #31 in 2007 and Started Kadan K9 Dog Training. Fast forward and in 2018, I was burnt out, I had owned a Doggy Daycare, Training centre & Grooming salon for 4 years in Townsville North Queensland. Owning and Managing a small business had taken its toll on me, not to mentioned the Sh*t that goes on within the Dog Training community ( mainly around training methods etc).
So in 2018 i said F U and sold everything dog related and changed my focus.
The universe has other plans for me and after some self personal reflection was conducted, What are the chances!
I am back, and The Paw MVMNT – Building Better Dogs was born,
through this I have re-ignited my passion, The Paw MVMNT will evolve over time, but for now i’ll enjoy the ride.

Remember spend time with your dog, drink the BEST coffee and don’t forget to pick up your dog sh*t.


The evolution of my Dog Training Career